Bounce: workshop update

Last Sunday, which also happened to be Mother’s Day, the Bounce workshop team rounded up the troops again for our second workshop series for this year. With much discussion, the team decided a consultation workshop was necessary to hear what our mentees have to say about the program and have their input in what they would like to see in our future workshops. Of course, it was not all talking throughout, we slipped in a couple of team activities to get everyone relaxed and allow their creative juices to flow. Starting off, teams were split into four and each team had to build a device that encases an egg and when dropped from head height, the egg must not break from the impact. As you see each team doing their trial and errors, it was fascinating to see how different each group problem solved their masterpieces and not to mention some friendly competition was also brewing in the air. After everyone successfully constructed an egg break-proof device, we moved on to an illustration activity where each person got the chance to share their favourite things.


The consultation was insightful and it gave the Bounce team ideas in what our future developments should be based on. Also, one of the hot topics was communication and how we can reach out to our mentors and mentees more efficiently. We all agreed, with the age of social network, a Facebook group will be set up for everyone that is involved with Bounce. This will be our online interactive platform for everyone to know what is happening within Bounce, issues anyone wants to raise and just general shout outs to the Bounce group. So to all Bounce members, watch your Facebook space and you may see a Bounce group popping up in your profile.


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