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C8 is the platform for cultivation, connection and change, we like to see it as mutual transformation.  It’s where like minded funky and fun people get together, bounce ideas, support each other, grow and facilitate sustainable development through programs through our ever expanding networks and projects.

“How”, you may ask, “can I be the change that I want to see?” Well, here at C8 we see  YOU as the most important piece in this puzzle.

This is how it works…

You = infinite potential

C8 Journey = Connectors, cultivators and compassion

You +C8 =  Transformation

You are all you need and all we want.

It’s only through your transformation that you will see your world and the world around you transform.  We like the phrase “Help the helper” and at C8 we want to connect you to your potential, vision and co-travellers to help you achieve your best and make a contribution!

The best part of this is you get to map out your Journey and find your destination!

Want to be a change maker?…see that ripple effect?…often pondered the reality of world peace?…want to be part of something or simply just want to create?

Check what opportunities are available here!








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