Empowerment Projects:

As a result of more than 30 years of civil conflict, the North East provinces of Sri Lanka is home to more than 80,000 widows. As most husbands, brothers and sons were taken by the conflict and those remaining are amputees or still recovering, these women are now left to rebuild their lives from scratch. The empowerment projects facilitated and monitored by Tamil Forum Malaysia geared for women headed households are seeded by one off grants. Unlike a micro credit system, which requires repayments with nominal interest, these are one of grants that fund the following income-generating activities

1.Cash Crops – this Agricultural livelihood project provides the woman with various seeds and a water pump to set them up to grow their own produce.

2. Building a Community one cow at a time  – is part of the dairy, goat and poultry livelihood projects. A family will be given either a pair of goats or a female Cow and calf to rear, use their by-products and eventually supply to the village to generate income and build a self sustaining community.

To ensure the sustainability of these projects, a livelihood project is allocated to the woman according to the present skill sets she has. They are also provided skills training specific to the project they are engaged in.. Including basic accounting and how to save and invest wisely.

One grant between 35,000 -50,000 Sri Lankan Rupees ($ 250-350 AUD) will help one household rebuild their lives.

All projects are monitored and reported by in-country TFM staff. To find out more about Tamil Forum Malaysia and their other projects hop on

The High five Challenge hopes to make a difference to 10 Women and their families!

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