C8 Code

Cultivate compassion, joy, creativity and balance in ourselves and the community which connects to us by embodying these values in all we do.

Cultivate servant leaders who actively listen, honor their word and value all contributions with gratitude

Treat everyone from those that we help, to those in our team and personal worlds with respect, grace, gentleness and patience.

Embrace self growth and positive change through introspection and wisdom both within ourselves and in our work, as we see inner change as the preliminary step to world change.

We acknowledge that we all come with individual experiences which shape our paradigms. We will seek to resolve conflict by taking the time to look through each others eyes, respecting each others world views with non judgment.

Maintain an open mind and heart to collaborate. We will not seek to own but to empower the vision.

Value genuine communication, relationships and connection and see it as the core threads which make and empower this organisation and the world community we serve.

Commit to sustainability through individual and community empowerment in all endeavours in our Connect 8 Journey


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