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Want to be part of a social revolution? See that ripple effect? Often pondered the reality of world peace? Or wanted to be part of something meaningful …. lend a helping hand or simply just want to create …C8 can help you !


C8 Journey is a unique grass root Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to providing change-makers with a platform for social change through inner growth and access to resources.  Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. At C8 we see your internal transformation as central to your impact externally.   We believe that everyone has the power to change the world and that each is unique and exceptional.  We also realize that you need a few things to unlock that power. To unlock that power C8 connects your social change passion/idea to your inner and external resources through our Symbolic 8 C’s. – Connection, Cultivation, Contribution, Community, Compassion, Celebration, Corporate Social Responsibility and Change.


C8’s transformational program (CR8) supports your growth as a change-maker. It consists of monthly self-development activities, which encompass self-awareness, leadership and communication tools (Compassion Series), practical tools (Power Series) and wellbeing tools (Body Series). CR8’s Wisdom Bank is a Mentor-Mentee matching program, which uniquely tailors the growth needs of you to the skills and wisdom of handpicked Mentors.


Your external impact is also your contribution in the form of a project idea, or passion you would like to add to an existing C8 project. You tell us what your idea or passion is and we will determine how C8 can help. Once you initiate your journey with C8 you will be enriched by CR8 and C8 ‘s networks, experts and resources to generate that powerful impact.


This is all done in an inspirational environment with like-minded C8ers who cheer you on and celebrate, support you when things get challenging. We know that connection to the whole is more powerful than going out solo.


C8’s recent project:

In 2011 we launched our first project “ Bounce” . Through the support of the 8 C’s Bounce is now partnering with Australia’s largest refugee resettlement organisation, AMES, in a refugee youth mentoring program.  Through training and coordinating mentors Bounce is able to reach out to those needing that helping hand to start off positively in a new country.


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